Latest illustration work

If you'd like to see more of my work, please visit my Behance portfolio.

Tristen Grant has been creating digital illustrations for magazines, advertising agencies, publishers, and musicians since 2009. Others have described his work as minimal with bold line stokes, flat graphic shapes with limited colours. He incorporates the use of his own custom-made Photoshop brushes and various textures to help define his style and give clients visually compelling yet easy to understand solutions.

Inspired by vintage illustration and hand printing techniques, Tristen strives to incorporate the print errors such as overlap, halftones and offsetting found in old printing methods and maintain that tangible feeling of the past.

Besides his freelance work, Tristen also creates and sells limited edition prints, zines and small art books on his Etsy Shop, and digital assets such as textures on Creative Market & Gumroad. He also shares his artistic process in the hopes to inspire and encourage others on Patreon.

Occasionally Tristen can be found live streaming his self-initiated illustration projects on Twitch Creative and engaging with the viewers in chat.

Tristen can be contacted by email at or via Twitter @tristengrant.

Web References: The Dreamer, Mister Dress-Up.

Client List: The Winnipeg Conservatory of Music, Mister Dress-Up, Fairfax Community Services, HRMATTERS!, Chill Recording Studio, Peach Block, Garfield Studios, Termanill, Julie Biggs, Rockwood (band).

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