People in line to vote, standing in an X form. The colours make up the American Flag. Xs replace the stars, represending votes.

Be Heard. Vote! - A Personal Illustration

Drawing of a family standing on rocks, looking at the ocean. Three boats and a light house in the background

Personal Illustration - Day By The Rocks

Drawing of a group of people walking up a hill, toward a circus tent.

Personal Illustration - Circus On A Hill

Three drawings of a beekeeper. One of some bees.

Beekeeper Spot Illustrations

A drawing of a field at night. You can see mountains in the background.

A Moonlit Night In The Field

A drawings of a group of men outside at a house party. They are holding beer, smiling and talking. You can see trees in the background.

House Party

A drawing of a male chef (left side) mixing something in a bowl. You also see a plate of tomatoes and a hand cutting mushrooms on a cutting board.

Cooks In The Kitchen

A drawing of a tea pot nd a cup of tea. You see a hand putting a tea bag in the cup.

It's Time For Tea

Drawing of a group of people (4 women, 2 men) gathering around a laptop comuter. Smiling and watching the screen.

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